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adrese marksističkih i socijalističkih sajtova
NAPOMENA: Stavovi izraženi na ovim sajtovima ne moraju nužno biti u skladu sa našim stavovima!

In Defence of Marxism
The aim of these pages is to defend Marxist ideas and their validity for today's labour movement. Most of the articles and documents published here are available in printed form from WellRed Publications, or have been published in Socialist Appeal. For more information about Socialist Appeal send an e-mail to

New Youth for International Socialism
Youth for International Socialism is a group of workers and youth that fight for the end of capitalism, and for democratic socialism, as explained by the ideas of genuine Marxism. We have links worldwide, and are in political solidarity with the ideas presented at the In Defence of Marxism website

Marxist Internet Archive
The information in this site covers three basic areas: on Writers of Marxism, on the History of Marxism, and on Reference materials to Marxism.

World Socialist Web Site
The International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) is the leadership of the world socialist movement, the Fourth International founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938. In all countries the sections of the Inter-national Committee fight to unite the world working class in a common struggle for social equality.

Seeing Red
International news and analysis.

Der Funke
Web site of Der Funke, the Austrian Marxist magazine.

Der Funke
Web page of the German language marxist magazine Funke .

El Militante
Web site of El Militante, voice of the Marxist socialism and youth in Spain. This is the paper of the current which defends marxist ideas within the labour movement organisations in Spain.

Falce Martello
Rabochaya Demokratia
Arbeitsgruppe Marxismus
Socialist Viewpoint
Anti Market Movement
The Militant
Revolutionary History
Malcolm X reasearch site
Partija Rada

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